About Us

In 2011, a group of highly skilled doctors observed that all major hospital chains had been focusing on metro cities, and the district headquarters and towns in India remained untouched by the revolution of superspeciality healthcare. The passion to bring accessible, finest quality healthcare, at minimum costs, led to the laying of the foundation of Cygnus hospitals.

In this short span of three years, Cygnus Hospitals has developed into a 10 superspeciality hospital chain of medical excellence, with strength of more than 1000 beds, served by 1600 strong medically skilled workforce, providing international standard healthcare to over 1 million lives in smaller communities across north India.

Healthcare, as any other industry, faces three core issues which Cygnus through its business model hopes to resolve.


The first one is availability. In a recent survey it was found that the ratio of beds to people in India is woefully lower than the standards set by the WHO. With the coming up of multiple hospitals that are being converted from underutilized units, Cygnus Hospitals aims to not only make that ratio more favorable but also not use additional land in doing so.


The second issue is that of accessibility. Many big names in healthcare provide excellent services but only in big cities as a result of which the urban market is now saturated. Compare the 5 star facilities of a hospital in Delhi to a underutilized unit lying empty in a small town in Haryana and you notice a stark contrast. Healthcare services in tier 2 and tier 3 cities is still beyond reach and people have to travel long distances before they get access to proper healthcare. By taking healthcare to these smaller cities, Cygnus aims to eradicate that problem.


Finally, there is the issue of affordability. Most people cannot afford the treatment at the prices some of the bigger chains charge in big cities. With Cygnus taking healthcare to tier 2 and tier 3 cities at a price range comfortable to the people of those cities, it wants to ensure that healthcare in this country is available, accessible and affordable.