Why Cygnus Hospitals?

Cygnus hospitals is a constellation of hospitals. Since its inception in 2011 it has been a beacon of hope, to those in need of super specialty medical facilities. Cygnus Hospitals has created a niche for itself in a short span of time by acquiring seven state-of-the-art Super Specialty Hospitals in Delhi and Haryana. Our hospitals are equipped with highly skilled and accomplished doctors as well as experienced and compassionate technical staff.

The success of an institution is defined by the skills and the determination of the people who work there. We nurture talent by providing an exciting and congenial work environment that promotes synergy, professionalism and focus on clinical excellence. We are assembling a dynamic, diverse and dedicated group of doctors, clinicians and staff workers from all parts of the country in our pursuit of excellence in all the fields – be it patient treatment, research or teaching.

We are committed to developing the finest professionals in this sector. Working with us will give you great experience and opportunities to help you reach your full potential and to flourish in your professional life. Your holistic growth is guaranteed with us.

For Career Related Queries, Email: hr@cygnushospitals.com