Sustainability and Community Development

At Cygnus Hospitals, we believe that our ability to make a difference extends beyond our hospital walls. Both as an organization and as individuals, we’re dedicated to playing an active and energetic role in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and surrounding communities – providing our communities with the support, outreach programs and special services to improve their quality of life. This sense of responsibility to the community is a core element of our professional culture, and our nurses and allied health clinicians go to tremendous lengths to adopt this mission as their own. Each day, we’re discovering new waysto make an impact in the lives of people both within and beyond Cygnus Hospitals. Each member of the Cygnus family is committed to provide care and solace to the people in their communities.

We regularly organize various Health Awareness Camps and activities, as our objective is to prevent and cure illness. We have been taking various initiatives to promote community knowledge of healthcare and preventive health measures for early detection of diseases, that signicantly contribute to social security, through Health Camps, Free Health Check-ups, and other awareness programs every month at our various units. We also provide an extensive range of free and low-cost tests,OPDs, surgeries and medicines to the economically lower sections of the society.